Wedding Anniversary Games: Top Fun Ideas to Celebrate Your Special Day

Are you planning a wedding anniversary party and want to make it memorable?

Try fun wedding anniversary games. These games not only entertain but also celebrate your love story.

Guests play musical chairs at a lively wedding anniversary party. Laughter fills the room as participants eagerly compete for the last remaining seat

Imagine laughter filling the room as your friends and family connect over games.

Whether it’s classic games like The Newlywed Game or activities like Love Letter Mad Libs, there’s something for everyone.

Get excited to see hidden talents and joyful moments unfold at your anniversary party.

Your guests will talk about this forever, remembering how much fun they had.

Dive into the list of exciting games from Magical Day Weddings and make your special day unforgettable. 🎉

Planning Your Anniversary Party Games

Guests gather around tables with colorful game boards and cards. Laughter fills the room as couples compete in fun anniversary party games

Creating the perfect wedding anniversary experience involves choosing the right games, setting up stations at home, and incorporating themes to add flair.

Choosing the Right Games for Your Guests

Know your guests.

Some might enjoy calm activities like trivia or bingo, while others might love more active chances like a relay race.

Consider the setting.

If it’s an outdoor event, games like a sack race or water balloon toss can be exciting.

Balance the activities.

Mix competitive games with fun, low-pressure activities. This keeps everyone engaged and happy.

Games like trivia about the couple or a shoe trivia game can bring fun and laughter.

Look for ideas that get everyone involved without being too challenging.

Setting Up Game Stations at Home

Create different zones.

Have stations for different games around your house or backyard. This keeps things organized and allows people to move around.

Use clear signs.

Label each station with clear and colorful signs. This ensures everyone knows what each game is and how to play.

Include instructions.

Have written instructions at each station. This helps guests understand the rules without needing to ask.

Think about space.

Leave enough room so people can move freely and safely. For more active games, use larger areas to avoid any accidents.

Incorporating Themes into Anniversary Games

Pick a theme.

Tie the games to the overall theme of your anniversary party. It could be something fun like a 90s throwback or elegant like a vintage night.

Themed props and prizes.

Use themed decorations or props to make the games more exciting. Prizes that match the theme can add extra fun.

Coordinated outfits.

Encourage guests to wear theme-related outfits. This makes the event lively and more memorable.

Match the game to the theme.

If it’s a beach theme, include games like a sandcastle building contest or beach ball volleyball. This makes the whole event feel more cohesive.

Ice-Breaker Games for Guests

Guests mingle, laughing and playing ice-breaker games at a wedding anniversary celebration. Tables are adorned with colorful decorations and games, creating a lively and festive atmosphere

Ice-breaker games at a wedding anniversary can make the party FUN and MEMORABLE. These games get guests talking, laughing, and having a great time. Here are a few ideas to get everyone engaged.

Find Your Mate

This game is perfect for getting guests to COMMINGLE.

  • Print out animal pictures or famous duos on cards.
  • Give each guest one half of a pair as they arrive. Guests must then find their matching half.

This easy game gets guests up and moving. You’re guaranteed to see some fun and surprising matches.

Free printables can be a great resource for creating the pair cards.

Who’s My Husband/Wife

In this game, you’ll test how well guests know each other.

  • Write fun facts about the couples attending on separate cards.
  • Have guests match the fact to the couple.

Game cards can be pre-made to save time. This game helps everyone learn new things about each other. It’s a fun way to celebrate the relationships among friends and family.

Who Knows the Couple Best

It’s ideal for those who want to showcase their knowledge of the celebrants.

  • Create a quiz about the couple’s life.
  • Guests write their answers on game cards and a scorer reads the answers out loud.

You can print free “Who Knows the Couple Best?” cards to play this game. The person with the most correct answers wins. This interactive game can create a lot of laughter and shared memories.

Classic Games with a Wedding Twist 🎉

Guests play classic games with wedding-themed twists at a lively anniversary celebration. Laughter fills the air as they participate in modified versions of musical chairs, ring toss, and trivia

Bring a fun twist to your wedding anniversary celebration by playing some classic games with a special touch! These games will make your event memorable and enjoyable for everyone.

Anniversary Pictionary 🎨

Pictionary is always a hit, especially with a wedding twist. Instead of the usual topics, use wedding-related themes. Draw items like a wedding dress, honeymoon destinations, or wedding rings.

Set a timer for each round to keep the game quick and energetic.

Split your guests into teams and get ready for laughs.

You can create a simple homemade Pictionary set or use an online tool for digital play. This twist makes it perfect for reminiscing special moments or imagining future ones.

Wedding Anniversary Jumble 🧩

Make a Wedding Anniversary Jumble by mixing up letters of common wedding words. Guests have to unscramble the words to win. Use terms like “bouquet,” “vows,” and “reception.”

Prepare a list of jumbled words ahead of time and hand them out during the party.

This game is great for small groups or large gatherings. It’s a fun way to challenge your guests and add a touch of nostalgia to the event.

Everyone loves a good challenge, especially when it’s related to a special day.

Pin the Kiss on the Spouse 💋

Pin the Kiss on the Spouse is a delightful twist on the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

Use a large photo of the married couple and cut out paper lips.

Blindfold players and see if they can “kiss” the spouse on the lips.

This game is interactive and will have everyone laughing.

It’s a fun activity for all ages and can help break the ice.

Make sure to capture the hilarious moments on camera for a keepsake.

This game is perfect for making unforgettable memories.

Active Games for Energetic Couples

A couple competes in a lively game, laughing and cheering. The room is filled with energy as they play. The atmosphere is fun and light-hearted, with the couple fully engaged in the game

Looking to add some excitement to your anniversary party? Active games like a dancing contest, musical chairs, and water balloon tossing will keep everyone moving and entertained. These games are perfect for energetic couples who love to have fun.

Dancing Contest

A dancing contest is a great way to get everyone on their feet.

Choose lively music that will encourage guests to dance their hearts out.

You can set a theme, like the ’80s or disco, to add an extra layer of fun. 🎶

Invite pairs to compete in different dance styles and throw in some surprise dance moves to keep things interesting.

Have a panel of judges or let the audience vote for the winners.

Offer prizes like a bottle of champagne or a gift card to make things competitive. 💃🕺

Musical Chairs Anniversary Edition

Musical Chairs Anniversary Edition puts a fun twist on the classic game of musical chairs.

Set up a circle of chairs with one fewer chair than the number of players.

Use your wedding song or other significant tunes to make it special. 🎵

When the music starts, players walk around the chairs. When the music stops, they must quickly find a chair to sit in.

The person left standing is out, and one chair is removed. The game continues until only one person remains.

Make it more engaging by adding special tasks for those eliminated from the game.

Water Balloon Tossing

Water balloon tossing is perfect for outdoor anniversary celebrations.

Fill balloons with water and have guests pair up.

Each pair stands close together and tosses the balloon back and forth.

With each successful toss, they take a step back, making the game more challenging. 💦

If the balloon bursts, the pair is out. The last pair standing wins.

It’s also a great way to cool off on a sunny day and adds an element of surprise and laughter to your celebration. 🌞

Do-It-Yourself Games for Anniversary Fun

A table set with DIY game materials, including cards, dice, and instructions. Decorative anniversary theme elements like hearts and flowers

Make your wedding anniversary extra special with these creative and engaging DIY games. Each one promises fun and memorable moments.

The Newlywed Game

The Newlywed Game is always a hit at anniversaries. This game tests how well you and your partner know each other.

You need a list of questions about your likes, dislikes, and habits. Write them down on cards.

Ask one partner to answer a question while the other is out of the room. Then, see how their answers match. You will compare responses and laugh at the surprises!

For example, you can ask, “What’s your partner’s favorite movie?”

Feel free to personalize questions to make it more entertaining. Keep the atmosphere lighthearted and full of love 💖.

Anniversary Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are fun and interactive. Organize an Anniversary Scavenger Hunt indoors or outdoors.

Start by making a list of items or memories to find. You can include things like “the first gift you gave each other” or “your wedding album.”

Hide these items around your home or garden. Provide clues to find each one.

To add excitement, time the hunt and reward the winner with a small prize like a special dinner or a sweet gift. This game helps rekindle memories and creates new ones ❤️.

The Runway: DIY Fashion Show

A DIY fashion show can be hilarious and enjoyable. Organize The Runway: DIY Fashion Show with your friends and family.

Gather some old clothes, costumes, and accessories. Divide into teams and create unique outfits.

Each team should have one “model” who will showcase their creations. Use music to add to the fun atmosphere.

Set up a “runway” in your living room or backyard. Let each model strut their stuff and pose.

You can even appoint “judges” to score the outfits on creativity and humor. This game is a great way to laugh and let your creativity shine 🎉.

Games for Laughs and Giggles

A group of people gathered around a table, laughing and playing wedding anniversary games. Streamers and confetti decorate the room, adding to the festive atmosphere

These light-hearted games are perfect for getting everyone at your wedding anniversary party laughing and having fun. Each game ensures a good time for couples and guests alike.

Couples Karaoke Challenge

Karaoke brings everyone together! Create a KARAOKE night where couples get up and sing their favorite songs. Choose a mix of romantic and fun songs. You can even organize a mini-competition with prizes for the best performance. 📅 Use a THEME NIGHT, like 80s hits or love ballads, to add some flair.

Consider recording the performances and sharing them on social media. Use a special HASHTAG for your event. This way, everyone can look back at the fun.

Pro Tip: Prepare a song list in advance. This saves time and makes sure everyone can pick a song they enjoy.

Love Letter Exchange

Love letters are a timeless way for couples to express their feelings. Before the party ask couples to write letters to each other. During the event, have a special time set aside for exchanging letters. Create a cozy corner with soft lighting and music for this intimate moment.

You can add a fun twist by asking couples to read a few lines aloud. This adds laughter and sweet memories to the evening. 💌

You might also consider having a hashtag contest where guests share their favorite memories from the evening. This could be a great way to keep the fun going after the party.

Anniversary Speech Bingo

Turn speeches into a game. Create bingo cards with common phrases used in anniversary speeches. Words like “love,” “journey,” “together,” and “forever” are great choices. Guests mark their cards as they hear these words during toasts and speeches.

It makes listening to speeches more interactive and fun. You can pass out small prizes for those who get bingo. 🎉

Tip: Use an online bingo card generator to make the cards. This is an easy way to create personalized cards for your event.

Creative Games for Artsy Couples

An artsy couple sits at a table covered in art supplies, playing creative games to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Paints, brushes, and paper are scattered around as they laugh and create together

Looking for games to fuel your creativity and love? Here are three engaging activities: Photo Safari, Da Vinci Mini Cryptex Challenge, and Art and Craft Contest.

Photo Safari

Transform your house or neighborhood into a photo safari. You or your guests can use a list of prompts or themed clues to capture unique images.

For instance, capture “something borrowed” or “something blue.” Each shot should capture the essence of wedding anniversaries. Sharing and comparing your photos afterward can spark fun conversations and fond memories.

Use your phone’s camera to make it easy. Photo Safari blends creativity with a personal touch, and provides lasting memories through photographs 📸.

Da Vinci Mini Cryptex Challenge

Bring out the inner puzzle-solvers in you with the Da Vinci Mini Cryptex Challenge. Create or buy mini cryptexes from Amazon (check out this Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex).

Each cryptex can hold small, meaningful surprises inside. Couples can work together to uncover clues based on their shared history. You can include prompts like “the year we met” or “our favorite vacation spot.”

This challenge builds teamwork and intimacy, making it perfect for a wedding anniversary event.

Art and Craft Contest

For crafty couples, an Art and Craft Contest is perfect. Set up a contest for creating anniversary-themed artwork. This could be drawings, sculptures, or even paintings.

Provide basic materials like colored pencils, paints, and papers. Let your imagination run wild!

Judging can be based on creativity, effort, or the emotional connection to your relationship. Winners receive small prizes, such as a handmade trophy or customized mugs. This contest not only brings out your artistic side but also creates wonderful keepsakes for you and your guests 🎨.

Miniature Games for Indoor Fun

A table set with miniature game boards and pieces, surrounded by couples laughing and enjoying themselves at an indoor wedding anniversary celebration

Make your wedding anniversary even more special with these fun mini games. These games are perfect for bringing joy and laughter to your celebration, no matter the weather.

Mini Croquet Set

A mini croquet set is a great way to engage your guests. Set up this compact game indoors using lightweight mallets and wickets. It’s ideal for small spaces and keeps everyone involved.

Teams of two or three can compete in this easy-to-learn game. Keep the atmosphere light and fun with friendly competition. Kids and adults alike can join in and enjoy themselves.

Using a mini croquet set is perfect for family-friendly fun. Bring people together with this charming, old-fashioned game.

Ring Toss

Bring some excitement with a ring toss game. Set it up quickly in any room and let the fun begin. Use colorful rings and sturdy pegs to add a splash of color to your celebration.

Encourage guests to form teams or play individually. The goal is to score points by tossing rings onto pegs. It’s a simple game, but it can be surprisingly challenging.

Perfect for both adults and kids, ring toss is a classic game that never gets old. It adds a touch of nostalgia to your party and keeps everyone entertained.

Mini Golf Encounter

Transform your anniversary party with a mini golf set. Create a miniature golf course in your living room or hallway. Use small putters and colorful balls to make it visually appealing.

Design each hole with everyday items to make it creative and fun. Challenge your guests to complete the course with the fewest strokes. Play solo or in teams to keep the excitement high.

Mini golf is a great way to bring everyone together. From kids to adults, everyone loves a good game of mini golf. It’s an interactive and engaging way to celebrate your special day.

Printable Games for Ease and Convenience

A table set with printable wedding anniversary games, surrounded by celebratory decorations and a cozy atmosphere

Birthday games should be FUN and EASY to manage. Printable games offer a quick setup and automatic fun.

Who Knows the Couple Best? Printout

Friends and family love competing in this game. You print out sheets with questions about the couple’s life. Everyone answers, and the one with the most correct responses wins! Some fun questions could include:

  • Where did the couple first meet?
  • What’s their favorite holiday destination?
  • What was their wedding song?

You’ll see the guests laughing and learning more about the happy couple. This game is SIMPLE and always a hit.

Wedding Anniversary Word Scramble

Word scrambles entertain guests of all ages. Print sheets with scrambled anniversary-related words. They must unscramble words like:

  • LVE: Love
  • DGDNIW: Wedding
  • YASRNIEVNAR: Anniversary

You can provide the solution to check answers. Offer prizes for the fastest solver. This game is excellent because it’s quick and fun for everyone.

Customizable Trivia Cards

Printable trivia cards challenge your guests’ knowledge. Design cards with questions about marriage, pop culture couples, or significant years for the couple.

For example:

  • What year did the couple get married?
  • Which celebrity couple shares their anniversary?

These trivia cards are PERFECT for trivia buffs. Print them in colorful designs for an appealing touch. Everyone enjoys guessing and competing, making this game a party favorite.