Wedding Anniversary Games: Spice Up Your Celebration Instantly!

Wedding anniversaries are momentous occasions, and celebrating them with fun games can make the event even more memorable. By incorporating engaging activities into your anniversary party, you’re ensuring that both you and your guests will have a fantastic time.

Choosing the right games for your celebration is key to creating a lively atmosphere. From competitive challenges to lighthearted quizzes, there’s a perfect game for every anniversary milestone. Consider the interests and personalities of your attendees as you select activities to ensure everyone feels included and entertained.

You don’t have to be an expert party planner to make your anniversary celebration unforgettable. With some creativity and thoughtful planning, you can transform your special day into an event full of love, laughter, and lasting memories.

Fun and Engaging Wedding Anniversary Games

Celebrate your special day with these entertaining and memorable games! Keep your guests laughing and create lasting memories. Let’s explore some fantastic options for wedding anniversary fun!

Find Your Mate

Rekindle the romance by having couples race to find their partners! Blindfold all participants, and on your signal, they must locate their significant other by touch and voice alone. This game will bring out the fun and laughter in your celebration!

Couple’s Karaoke

Unleash your inner diva and have a blast with Couple’s Karaoke! Each pair selects their favorite love song, then takes turns performing. Inject some friendly competition by letting guests vote for their favorite performance. Couple’s Karaoke promises a night filled with entertainment and cherished memories.

Wheel of Activities

Add a twist to your anniversary party with a Wheel of Activities game. Customize your wheel with tasks, challenges, or minute-to-win-it games to suit your guests. Spin the wheel to reveal thrilling tasks for your guests to engage in. Your party will never be dull with this unique game!

The Newlywed Game

Test your guests’ knowledge of the celebrated couple with The Newlywed Game. Prepare a list of lighthearted questions relating to the couple’s life together and ask one half of the couple to leave the room while the other answers. Bring everyone back in and see how well they match their partner’s answers. Make this anniversary game a highlight of your celebration!

Who’s My Husband/Wife

Challenge your guests’ memory with the interactive “Who’s My Husband/Wife” game. Collect interesting facts about each couple beforehand, then let them guess which fact belongs to which couple. Make this anniversary party game unforgettable and a perfect way to learn more about your loved ones!

Outdoor Wedding Anniversary Games

Celebrate your wedding anniversary outdoors with engaging and entertaining games! Bring fun and excitement to your special day by selecting these fantastic DIY, kid-friendly lawn games.

Lawn Games

Transform your outdoor wedding anniversary with these classic LAWN GAMES. They’re perfect for entertaining all guests—both adults and children! These games can easily be set up with minimal equipment, making them an excellent choice for your celebration.

Bocce Ball

Get competitive and play Bocce Ball! This European game is straightforward to learn, engaging, and fun for all. All you need is a bocce ball set and a grassy area. Let the fun begin!


Keep your guests ACTIVE by setting up a simple badminton court outdoors. With a net, rackets, and shuttlecocks, you’re ready to create endless enjoyment at your event.

Ladder Golf

Challenge your guests to a LADDER GOLF match. This entertaining game is perfect for players of all skill levels. Set up a ladder golf station with ease using a DIY ladder and tossing pieces.

Giant Jenga

Arrange a GIANT and thrilling Jenga game! This oversized version of the classic game keeps everyone fully engaged. Construct the tower with large wooden blocks to start the fun.

Giant Chess

Transform your outdoor space with a giant chess set. This life-sized version of the timeless game is both VISUALLY IMPRESSIVE and entertaining. Guests can strategize and compete in a game of wit and skill.

Corn Hole

Last but not least, don’t forget the classic corn hole game. It’s a crowd pleaser loved by all ages. Set up your own DIY corn hole boards and bean bags for hours of fun at your outdoor wedding anniversary.

Enjoy your event with these engaging and entertaining outdoor games. Remember, it’s all about CELEBRATING your love and creating lasting memories with your guests. So, go ahead and make it EXTRA special!

Innovative Indoor Wedding Anniversary Games

Photo Safari

Capture memories with a Photo Safari! Divide your guests into teams and give each a list of scenarios to photograph. Make it entertaining by including tasks like blindfolded selfies, recreating wedding poses, or snapping a picture with the anniversary couple. Share your masterpieces at the end!


Challenge your guests with a Jumble game featuring words related to the couple’s life together. Create a list of scrambled words that reflect their journey, hobbies, and favorite memories. Teams must DECODE the words within a set time – the fastest group wins!

Word Search

A classic yet enjoyable game: Word Search! Customize this puzzle with the couple’s names, wedding date, and unique keywords from their life. Distribute printed copies and let guests find hidden words. The first person to complete the puzzle wins a prize.

Anniversary Party Puzzle

Puzzles offer a fun way to engage your guests! Create a customized jigsaw puzzle with a memorable photo from the couple’s wedding day. Divide the puzzle pieces among the guests and set a timer for a thrilling race. The team that reassembles the picture the quickest celebrates victory!

Table Games

Keep the entertainment flowing with Table Games such as trivia cards about the couple or themed bingo. Place decks of cards on each table for guests to play, ensuring continuous FUN and interaction throughout the celebration.

Spin the Wheel

Ready for excitement? Introduce the Spin the Wheel game. Customize a prize wheel with instructions like the anniversary couple dance or guests sharing heartfelt messages. As your guests spin the wheel, let the unique tasks create an UNFORGETTABLE atmosphere all evening long.

Social and Family-Friendly Wedding Anniversary Games

The Shoe Game

Ignite laughter and bonding among your family and friends with this fun-filled celebration! Start with the Shoe Game—a traditional favorite at gatherings. Challenge couples to answer questions while sitting back-to-back, holding up their partner’s shoe for “yes” and their own for “no.” This can be a great way to share memories, find humor in relationship dynamics, and see how well spouses know each other.

Ring Toss

Add an exciting twist to your party with Ring Toss. Set up this classic game, integrating a wedding theme by using decorated bottles and rings. It’s a fantastic opportunity for family members of all ages, including kids, to actively participate in the celebration. Family-oriented games fuel interaction and provide light-hearted entertainment for everyone involved.

Circle Games

Circle games, such as Antakshari, are perfect for connecting people, even in the comfort of your own home. Singing along to your favorite wedding playlist in teams creates cheerful camaraderie. It’s the ultimate chance for your loved ones to let loose, share amusing tales, and bond over memorable songs.

Photo Booth

Enliven your event with a Photo Booth, encouraging guests to create lasting memories. Equip the booth with props, such as signs or hats, to enhance the fun. Suggest playing a photo scavenger hunt game where guests capture different moments throughout the celebration. These creative snapshots serve as unforgettable keepsakes.

Trivia Challenges

Finally, fuel your attendees’ competitive spirit with Trivia Challenges specifically tailored to your guests. Pick topics, like the events surrounding the wedding or questions about the couple’s history together. Challenge your trivia buffs and watch as excitement unfolds!

Incorporate these games and more to create a festive atmosphere celebrating your wedding anniversary. YOU and your loved ones will cherish these engaging moments!

Creative DIY Wedding Anniversary Games

Add a personal touch to your anniversary party with these fun and engaging DIY games! Create memories and laughter with your family and friends while celebrating your special day.

Couple Games

Strengthen your bond with your partner through Couple Games, such as the Romantic Paper Dance Competition. DANCE and LAUGH as you navigate through these exciting activities, bringing joy and entertainment to your guests.

Wedding Playlist Games

Curate the PERFECT wedding anniversary playlist with games like Antakshari, a popular musical game from South Asia. INVITE your guests to participate and share their favorite tunes, creating a unique atmosphere tailored to your celebration.

Corn Hole

Design your own corn hole boards using your wedding colors and themes. This classic lawn game is both KID-FRIENDLY and fun for guests of all ages. Enjoy the OUTDOOR FUN while making lasting memories with your loved ones.

Ladder Golf

Build your DIY ladder golf set and customize it with your wedding colors, adding a PERSONALIZED touch to this exciting game. Compete against one another and see who reigns supreme on the ladder golf battleground.

Giant Connect Four

Incorporate a giant connect four game to your anniversary party, encouraging both laughter and friendly competition. This game is an excellent addition for family and friends to enjoy, and you can even spruce it up with your WEDDING ANNIVERSARY colors.

Create an unforgettable wedding anniversary with these DIY games, tailored to your UNIQUE celebration. Share the LOVE, LAUGHTER, and GOOD TIMES with your guests as you cherish the memories of your special day.

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